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Thanksgiving and a Season of Giving

Thank you for your generous support, through your donation to the Foundation of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.  Last Year Diplomates like you have contributed over $15,000.  Additionally, $1,300 was donated in Memory of Diplomates who passed away.  

Your Donations to the Foundation fund the programs, mailings and other COD functions scheduled during the year.  For example, Dr Paul Casamassimo, who was honored with the College of Diplomates Dr Ron Bell Mentor of the Year Award directed his $2,500 from the Foundation to support Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 

We appreciate your support. We know you are asked often for support, but please know that the Foundation and the College of Diplomates is devoted to YOU, the Boarded Pediatric Dental Specialist. In 2017, over $35,000 was given to the College by the Foundation on your behalf for important educational opportunities for Diplomates as well as for the welcome we extend to New Diplomates at the College’s Annual Meeting. The Foundation depends on your financial assistance as we have only a small reserve. Please remember your Foundation of the College of Diplomates at this time of Thanksgiving.

Please support your College of Diplomates through a Gift Donation at one of these 2017-2018 levels.

a.            Member: $50.00

b.            Sustaining: $100.00

c.            Patron: $250.00

d.            Benefactor: $500.00

e.            Gavel Society: $1,000.00


Jonathon Everett Lee, DDS
Chairman, Board of Trustees,
Foundation of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Foundation of the COD-ABPD » Donate Online

Thank you for your donation. Your generosity helps the COD of the ABPD produce quality educational programs vital to the industry. Please consider the suggested donation levels or enter the donation of your choosing.