The Foundation of the COD of the ABPD
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To encourage pediatric dentists to complete and continue board certification in the specialty, reward excellence in the certification examinations, promote lifelong learning in pediatric dentistry and to support the College of Diplomates.


Message From The Chairman

The Foundation of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry thanks you the members and supporters of The Foundation for your generous donation support.

This year to date, College members and supporters have donated over $31,000.  Thank You!

Because of your support, The Foundation has underwritten many of the College’s Programs such as the Annual Meeting, the high-quality continuing education programs throughout the year- such as the Honorarium for our Fall Study Club Lecturer, Dr. Barbara Sheller, and The Colleges prestigious awards.

Each year, the Ronald A. Bell Mentor of the Year Award is given to a Diplomate who has been nominated by fellow Diplomates as an outstanding lifelong mentor and leader in our specialty. The James R. Roche Award of Excellence and The Arthur J. Nowak Award of Excellence are given to the top scorers in the ABPD Qualifying Examination and the Oral Clinical Examination, respectively.

This year we are announcing two new awards.  The first is the Paul O Walker Memorial Travel Award.  The Purpose of the Paul O Walker Memorial Travel Award is to assist in the Professional Development of Board Certified Pediatric Dentists who are College Members and in Full Time Academia by offering a Travel Grant to College Meetings in order to help offset the cost of travel to College meetings.

The second award will be the N. Sue Seale Memorial Award.  The Purpose of the N. Sue Seale Memorial Award is to assists in the Professional Development of Board Certified Pediatric Dentists who are College Members and in Full Time Academia by offering a Research Grant to support their research activities in the early stages of their career.

So Why Does the College have a Foundation?

The Answer is in its History and in its Future- The Members and Supporters of the College.

Established 1964, The College is the pediatric dental specialty organization that represents, supports and serves the Board Certified Pediatric Dentists in their on-going and life-long “commitment to excellence and optimal oral health care for children".

In the early years, The College was formerly known as The Association of Pedodontic Diplomates.  On February 23, 1983, in letters to Dr. David R. Myers, President of The Association of Pedodontic Diplomates and to Dr. John F. Simon, Jr., Chairman of the American Board of Pedodontics, Dean Ralph E. McDonald reported that at the meeting of the American Fund for Dental Health, he had a nice visit with Dr. Sam Harris. Dr. McDonald continues," You will recall that Sam is one of the founding members of ASDC and also the American.  Sam recalls the days when the Academy membership was limited to 100, and the annual meetings followed the Study Club pattern. Virtually all members of the Academy participated in the annual meeting, and various subjects received in depth review and later were published in "newsletter" form.  Sam asked if the Board Diplomates might be interested in considering holding meetings on a "study club" type format. Sam was willing to make an initial gift of $20,000 to establish a Foundation for the purpose of creating a new study club type program."

The final documents establishing The Foundation were filed with the Secretary of State of Ohio on March 23, 1984.

With this founding purpose in mind, in 2018, the Trustees of the Foundation of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry embarked on a strategic planning program.  This has been an important opportunity to solicit new ideas from board trustees while evaluating and confirming the direction of The Foundation because the specialty has grown and evolved, and Board Certification has become more accessible.  As a result, The Foundation, which is The College’s tax- exempt and fundraising partner, has emerged with a clear strategy for our future efforts. 

First, The Foundation offers a financial structure that The College cannot enjoy without a separate foundation.  As we continue, we ensure The College can financially sustain and offer innovative and thoughtful meetings and can also respond to emerging gaps such as recognizing excellence through awards and grants that support the professional development and success of our membership.  Finally, The Foundation fortifies a critical financial structure for generations of board certified pediatric dentists.  The Foundation ensures that The College has access to this legacy funding and to create new opportunities in this advantageous tax structure. 

At its core, The Foundation is a financial institution, but one with the same values and curiosity that elevates our membership with board certification as a starting point.  But why have a separate Foundation?  The College and the Foundation came of age from an era where Diplomate Status represented a station in society of pediatric dental specialists.  These Diplomates believed in a higher purpose beyond Board Certification being a credential.  That purpose was adopting study clubs and a sense of lifelong learning and a sense of responsibility for the Pediatric Dental Specialist.  As Dr. Steve Chan wrote in his August 2017, American College of Dentists News Column “Why Foundation?”,  “Philanthropy- it  invests in project design- to improve the quality of life for generations yet to come… Philanthropy is speculation,  The drive is fueled by a desire to move humanity forward. “ 

Every foundation has a niche, and ours is the support of the innovative and curious Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and the community that we create.  The Board Certified Pediatric Dentists are a special community.  The conferred title Diplomate signifies attainment of a credential of a commitment to lifelong learning.  We desire to practice pediatric dentistry at the highest level and are committed to constantly reevaluate our practices in light of the most recent scientific evidence.  Board Certified Pediatric Dentists recognize the value of renewal of certification, continuing education and collegial camaraderie for the improvement and continuation of the specialty.  The Foundation is its Legacy.  The Foundation is energized in its mission which is to ”encourage pediatric dentists to complete and continue board certification in the specialty, reward excellence in the certification examinations, to promote lifelong learning in pediatric dentistry, and to support the College of Diplomates.” 

Both The College and The Foundation invest in The Board Certified Pediatric Dental Specialist.  The leadership of both The College and The Foundation care.  We believe that College member’s work will uplift the image, knowledge and dignity of Board Certified Pediatric Dentists all the while leaving a positive legacy.  The Foundation does not exist in a vacuum: it offers unique fundraising opportunities, a supportive but distinct mission, and necessary tax structure to ensure the continued growth and success of The College.

In this we pledge to ensure the members of the College and the Board Certified Pediatric Dentist of our continued time and energy so that they may enjoy many years of familiar camaraderie and new ideas. 

Please consider giving at one of the following levels:

a.            Member: $50.00

b.            Sustaining: $100.00

c.            Patron: $250.00

d.            Benefactor: $500.00

e.            Gavel Society: $1,000.00


Donor Directed Honor and Memorial gifts are welcome:

_____ James R Roche

_____ Art J Nowak

_____ Ronald A Bell

_____ Paul O Walker

_____ N. Sue Seale

_____ Other__________________________


You can make a donation to the FCOD at any time by clicking here.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Chairman’s address. If you have any recommendations or suggestions for the upcoming year, please feel free to contact me.



Jonathon Everett Lee, DDS
Chairman, FCOD-ABPD